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Farm mapTour the Vancouver Island Farms & Food Map
Crop RowsHow Underutilized Farmland Can Feed a City
Eggs from The Fickle FigStarting the Fickle Fig Farm


Bob Duncan with orangesGrowing Mediterranean Fruit on Vancouver Island
Chard12 Vegetables You Can Grow In Winter
Rebecca Jehn at farmers' market23 Heritage Beans
Marsha GoldbergProtecting Heritage Seeds
Cosmos, a flower that attracts beneficial insectsPlants That Attract Beneficial Insects
leaf mulch warms the garden soilExtend the Growing Season
Threshing Dried Beans
Winnowing seedsHow to Screen & Winnow Seeds
tomato seed savingHow to Save Tomato Seeds
Purple Calabash TomatoesHow a Tomato Changed Its Colour
Marshmallow RootMarshmallow Root: Famine Preventer?

Cooking & Food

making pastryPie Crust 101: How to Make Pastry
Best Ways to Cook Potatoes
SteaksButcher’s Demo: A Cutting Edge on Beef
VegetablesPesticide-Free? Low-Cost Pesticide Detection
oven-roasted tomatoesHow to Make Oven-Roasted Tomatoes
Sliced Oat BreadGluten-Free from Scratch at the Origin Bakery