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Odell Loubser
4556 William Head Road
Metchosin, BC  V9C 3Y7



Hours: Visitors welcome. Please call first.

• Grown Without Pesticides
• U-Pick
• Farm Tours
• Picnic Area


Sonnleiten Farm is situated on William Head Road in Metchosin, conveniently located not far from the local attraction, My-Chosen Cafe! Sonnleiten is delighted to be able to provide fresh vegetables and fruit to a few restaurants in the city, so visitors to Victoria can experience farm-to-table seasonal produce. There are times of abundance when Sonnleiten is able to provide a u-pick option for certain fruits or vegetables.


Vegetables – Beans (green or wax), Beets, Garlic, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Potatoes, Radishes, Shallots, Sunchokes, Tomatoes, Winter Squash

Berries – Blackberries

Fruit & Nuts – Apples, Plums, Quince, Rhubarb

Specialty Items – Dried Fruit

Plants & Flowers – Sunflowers

Compost & Fertilizer – Hay

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