Herb Roasted Cipollini Onions

Caramelized sweet autumn onions

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October 8, 2016

Topping my list of favourite fall foods are sweet, saucer-shaped cipollini onions. Cipollinis, whose name means “little onions,” come in white and red varieties. Cipollinis’ sweet, mellow flavour and diminutive flattened shape make them an excellent choice for roasting.

herb roasted cipollini onions

The classic way to serve cipollinis is oven roasted and slowly caramelized in olive oil, salt and pepper. Because they are small, you can serve them whole as an appetizer or side dish. They’re also delicious in any recipe where a rich, sweet onion flavour makes the difference.

As you might expect from something so earthy and appetizing, cipollinis also have numerous health benefits. Like other members of the Allium genus, these distinctive onions contain compounds believed to have anti-inflammatory, anticholesterol, and antioxidant properties.

Oven-Roasted Cipollini Onions with Herbs


Small, sweet, saucer-shaped cipollini onions are delicious when oven-roasted and slowly caramelized in olive oil. Serve these savoury treats as an appetizer with crackers, or as a side dish for meat or chicken.

cipollini onions
olive oil
fresh ground pepper
fresh thyme or rosemary

Select small onions or cut larger onions in half. Peel the onions and slice a thin layer off the top and bottom. Toss in a shallow baking pan with oil, salt and pepper.

Roast at 425º F (220ºC) for about 30 minutes until caramelized and tender.

Top the onions with bit of fresh thyme or rosemary leaf a few minutes before the onions finish roasting.

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  1. 2017 November 3
    Tom permalink

    Where are cipollini onions available for purchase? I’m in the North Okanagan

    • 2017 November 3
      BC Farms & Food permalink

      Look for them at local farmers markets and farm markets.

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