How to Screen and Winnow Seeds

Simple Ways to Thresh Seed

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September 5, 2015

Sage seeds that have been harvested and left to dry.
A wide-meshed screen removes the main chaff and debris.
A succession of finer-meshed screens separate out the seed.
When the sage reaches the finest-meshed screen, mainly seeds and a little chaff remain.
To winnow out the chaff, seeds are dropped from one bowl to the next.
As the seeds drop, the wind blows away the chaff.
After winnowing, only a very small amount of chaff remains.
Rolling the seeds off a paper leaves behind the rest of the chaff.
Sage seeds that have been harvested and left to dry.

Screens, strainers and wind power can simplify seed threshing. This slideshow demonstrates three simple ways to separate seeds from chaff and debris.


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