Seasonal Eating to Beat High Food Prices

Seasonal Foods Taste Fresh and Cost Less

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February 5, 2022

When energy was cheap and the climate was more predictable, you might have given no thought to eating fresh tomatoes or cucumbers in mid-winter. But times are changing. Now, the high cost of fuel is making it expensive to transport food long distances. The pandemic is disrupting supply chains. And, on the farm, climate-driven droughts and unpredictable weather events are impacting crops. So how can we eat better in these changing times?

Fresh beets and cauliflower. Seasonal eating to beat high prices.

How to Eat Affordably and Well

The answer is taking us back to what our ancestors and grandparents practiced for millennia: seasonal eating. Seasonal eating means eating the foods that grow in your region when they’re harvested (or for as long as they keep in local storage), rather than having them at any time of year.

Are seasonal foods better? In many ways, yes. Seasonal foods are cheaper and have a lower carbon footprint because they don’t travel long distances. They also have more flavour because they’re fresher.  Taste some fresh carrots or parsnips just pulled from the winter soil, and you’ll know the difference!

So, if you’re wondering what’s in season now,  here is our guide to seasonal eating.


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  1. 2022 April 14
    Zen of Watering permalink

    That’s a nice thought! Pandemic has really changed the food supply system. I have been growing my own foods since 2020 when the pandemic hit. Now, It’s better to grow your own food.

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