Starting the Fickle Fig Farm

Farm to Plate from the Ground Up

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October 13, 2015

In this video, Mitchell Morse and Chris Margetts talk about the planning, hard work and adventures that went into starting The Fickle Fig Farm. In just one year, they transformed an empty hay field on Vancouver Island into a fully diversified farm-to-table venture with pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits, beehives, an array of fresh vegetables and herbs, and an orchard of nearly 200 fruit and nut trees.

Their ultimate goal is to open a farm-to plate restaurant and supply it with the special produce and meats they cultivate on the farm.

More about The Fickle Fig Farm:
Starting a Farm in One Year

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  1. 2015 December 4
    Victor Zales permalink

    Good Job U 2…..nice to C this enthusiasm and U pulled it off. Congrats

  2. 2015 December 4
    Bob Maxwell permalink

    Totally wonderful !
    You guys give me hope for agriculture and food – here

    You have done an inspiring project ‘admirable’ and such diversity.

    Thanks for doing this.


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