Victoria’s Village Butcher

Putting a Cutting Edge on Artisan Meats

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January 26, 2014

On Vancouver Island, small food businesses and eateries are taking part in a culinary awakening. Fresh meats and produce, humane treatment of the land and animals, fewer food miles, direct connections with growers, and superior flavour are all part of Vancouver Island’s Food Renaissance.

At the Village Butcher in Victoria’s Oak Bay neighbourhood, Michael Windle and the eclectic staff of artisan butchers make it their mission to connect local farmers to discerning carnivore customers. The Village Butcher sources free-range and hormone-free meat and poultry locally, and also offers a selection of adventurously-seasoned sausages.

In this video, the Village Butcher demonstrates the craft of butchering, while transforming a side of grass-fed beef into dinner-ready steaks, soup bones, and stew meats.

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