23 Heritage Beans

Unique, Colourful, Flavourful Foods

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October 7, 2014

Heritage bean growers like Rebecca Jehn preserve a wealth of traditions, diversity and flavours not found in today’s mechanized food chain. At her farm at Rebecca’s Garden in Victoria, BC, she grows over 30 unique varieties of beans, chickpeas and lentils.

Heirloom and heritage bean varieties have been passed down through families and friends for generations and are prized for their unusual colours, flavours, sizes and textures. Growing them out each year helps adapt and preserve them as the climate changes.

Among Rebecca’s treasures are such unusual pulses as the Cave bean, which traces its history back 1,500 years, or the striking black-and-white Orca bean or the maroon-and-white Mojave bean which each hold their unique colours when cooked.

In this video she describes 23 of the unique heritage varieties she is helping to pass on to future generations.

Featured beans include:

Agate pinto bean
Beka Brown bean
Black Coco bean
Black Kabuli chickpea
Black Turtle bean
Borlotti bean
Cannellini bean
Cave bean
Cranberry bean
Dark Red Kidney bean
Ellen Brown Stripe bean
Ethiopian lentil
Flageolet bean
Gramma Walters bean
Ireland Creek Annie bean
Jacob’s Cattle bean
Hidatsa Shield bean
Hutterite soup bean
Mojave bean
Norwegian bean
October pole bean
Orca bean
Tiger’s Eye

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  1. 2018 April 30
    Deb permalink

    I’m interested in buying an assortment of your dried beans. Also if have any recipe suggestions. Thanks


  2. 2014 December 13
    Edward Wear permalink

    I read the Vancouver Sun article this morning and I would like to buy some of your beans. How can I buy them?

    • 2014 December 13
      BC Farms & Food permalink

      You can find Rebecca’s Garden on Saturdays at the Moss Street Market in Victoria, or visit the Rebecca’s Garden farm page for info on how to reach the farm directly.

    • 2023 November 12
      Jamie Wyatt permalink

      Can you tell me more about the Mojave bean?
      Does it have another name?
      Thank you Jamie

  3. 2014 December 7
    Annette Barley permalink

    I really enjoyed your video on the heirloom beans you are growing. I grow a lot of heirloom beans in my small garden but mostly pole beans because of lack of space. I think I have over 200 varieties in my collection now and seems to be still growing, not all pole varieties but all open pollinated, a bit of an addiction I’m afraid :). I’m a firm believer in keeping them in public domain and share with others whenever I can. I’m also on V.I. but up island from you.

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